Random Access Memories. Reflections on a Journal.

OtherA history of the JLIS

Hon Roger Brown, the original Chief Editor of the JLIS writes about its history thirty years on.

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Simon Chesterman, One Nation Under Surveillance, OUP.

Book Review

Simon Chesterman’s One Nation Under Surveillance is a timely examination of the theory and practice of governmental surveillance, with particular focus on the Anglophone democracies and the United Nations.

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Islands in the NetPodcasts

  • US Healtchare Reform, Professor Mark Hall [listen]
  • Regulation of Big Pharma, Professor Emily Jackson (LSE) [listen]
  • The dominant animal : human evolution and the limits of the law Professor Benjamin J Richardson [listen]
  • Islands in the Net: The Control of International Data Flows, Profs Clark & Boss [listen]



Bilski v Kappos

Case Commentary

The Bilski v Kappos decision puts Australian patent law in an uncomfortable position. Having tracked US case law, and established a reliance on a modified version of the State Street test,we are now out on our own ...

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