Boldrin & Levine, Against Intellectual Monopoly CUP.

OtherBook Review

"Boldrin and Levine’s Against Intellectual Monopoly is valuable, they consistently (and at times vehemently) take the view that copyright and patent law should be abandoned and do so in a form accessible to the lay person."

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Simon Chesterman, One Nation Under Surveillance, OUP.

Book Review

Simon Chesterman’s One Nation Under Surveillance is a timely examination of the theory and practice of governmental surveillance, with particular focus on the Anglophone democracies and the United Nations.

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Islands in the NetPodcasts

  • US Healtchare Reform, Professor Mark Hall [listen]
  • Regulation of Big Pharma, Professor Emily Jackson (LSE) [listen]
  • The dominant animal : human evolution and the limits of the law Professor Benjamin J Richardson [listen]
  • Islands in the Net: The Control of International Data Flows, Profs Clark & Boss [listen]



Bilski v Kappos

Case Commentary

The Bilski v Kappos decision puts Australian patent law in an uncomfortable position. Having tracked US case law, and established a reliance on a modified version of the State Street test,we are now out on our own ...

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